Carnival of Healing #191


Ever since I started participating in the Carnival of Healing, majority of the articles I’ve received happen to be about fitness, losing weight and diets that work or don’t work and some on herbal techniques to cure various diseases.  Exercise, good nutritious diet and medicines are certainly helpful in the healing process but for a complete healing to take place,  inside and out, we need to understand the strong mind and body connection and find a way to live a balanced life.

Since diet articles weren’t doing much to my emotional and spiritual life, I’ve found other ways to find peace and calm and take care of stressful situations.  I’ve found that helping others in need in turn helps me feel better.  It’s easier to forget your own problems when you are busy helping others.  So, I’ve been volunteering some of my time to various causes as I believe that the real responsibility to heal ourselves lies with us taking some action and not just reading, writing or attending some counseling sessions else we will continue to hurt.

As you read this week’s healing articles, I would love to know what you practice to get rid of negativity and heal yourself from hurts and severely stressful situations.

Anmol Mehta presents 6 Safe and Natural Weight Loss Solutions posted at Mastery of Meditation.

Brain Blogger presentsClearing the Haze – Is Marijuana Addictive? posted at Brain Blogger.

“In the past few years, as addiction researchers have been mapping out the chemical alterations in the brain caused by alcohol, nicotine, methamphetamine, and other drugs, America’s most popular illegal drug has remained largely a scientific mystery. It is a drug that millions of Americans have been using regularly for years, and, from a clinical perspective, it remains the least studied illicit drug of all.”

Heartstrong presents A Fresh Look at Organic Produce posted at Healthy Hearts with Heartstrong.

Celes presents Overcoming Perfectionism posted at EmbraceLiving.Net.

“If you are a perfectionist, you would know that perfectionism sometimes disables you more than it enables you. As a perfectionist myself, I experience that often. Here are 8 useful steps to overcome perfectionism and make it an enabler in your life.”

Megan Wong presents Outstanding cure for symptoms of a sinus infection!! posted at Sinus Home Remedy.

Gin G. presents Recovery Diets posted at Sense Scribe.

“Learn the reasons for certain diets during illness and recovery stages and share with your family and friends.”

Kaushik Chokshi presents Awakening is Simple – FREE!! ebook excerpts posted at Beyond Karma.

“How do we free ourselves from the past, from depression and anxiety, from the unease of being which most of us experience? The joy of being is so utterly simple, right here and right now. Awareness and Release techniques allow this natural ease which transforms all of living–-health, relationships, and well-being!”

Crystal Wells presents Finding the Best Diets that Work for You posted at The Best Diets That Work.

“There are a number of diets that exist from starving yourself to death to eating prepackaged meals to only eating specific foods. But what diets work? Really the question should be what are the best diets that work for you?”

Catherine VanWetter presents To the Heart of the Matter – The Myth of Busyness posted at To The Heart of the Matter.

“Have you ever wondered who you are if you are not busy? Busy taking care of other people, busy working, busy doing “stuff”? In everyday life, how does one step off of the “dread mill” of busyness? Are you present?”

Victoria presents Don’t Let Your Breakup Make You Come Undone | Time To Get Married posted at Time To Get Married.

“It is important to not let a breakup ruin your life.”

Aparna presents Home Remedies for headache posted at Beauty and Personality Grooming.

FitJerk presents How To Boost & Strengthen Your Immune System With Top Herbal Remedies posted at FlawlessFitness.

Sarah Scrafford
presents The Twitter Diet: 100 Tips, Tools, and Twitter Feeds for Your Weight Loss posted at Ultrasound Technician Schools.

Vera Nadine presents Channeling: Choosing Hope Over Fear – Vera Nadine posted at Vera Nadine.

Nancy Miller presents 100+ Ways to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body posted at Surgical Technician Schools.

Jennifer Mannion presents When Everything Changes – Change Everything by Neale Donald Walsch (A book review) posted at Heal Pain Naturally.

Robert Burton Robinson presents Saving Up to Buy Some Happiness posted at Mind Over Mania.

“Are you happy? If not, do you hope to be happy some day? Mr. Banks thinks he can buy some at The Happiness Store.”

WP presents 5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune Health posted at The Conscious Life.

“With flu virus on the loose, it is important to strengthen our immune system so that we do not get infected easily. Try these easy-to-use methods at home and stay healthy today.”

That concludes this week’s carnival of healing.  See Organicsyes’s Weblog for last week’s carnival, and look out for Clara Myers’ Mind Mart for next week’s submissions.  And if you want to get one of your articles published in this carnival, head over to Carnival of Healing Archives.

PS: It was a pleasant surprise to get a carnival submission from Anmol Mehta as I had recently found and added his blog to my daily feed reader.   All of the blogs above have very useful articles and I encourage all of you to go read them and if you like, share them with others.

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24 Responses to “ Carnival of Healing #191 ”

  1. Hey, thanks for including beyond-karma. I appreciate it, and you’ve selected a nice variety of articles!

    Kaushiks last blog post..Release and Heal – 5th Awakening is Simple book excerpt

  2. Hi Pearl,

    Thank you for selecting my article on simple, natural ways to boost your immunity health.

    Personally, I find that meditation is the most effective way to restore balance and heal myself, especially from emotional pains.

    A quick meditation with visualization also helps me to ‘get out’ of stressful thinking and prevents me from spinning out of control.


    WPs last blog post..Free Yourself from the Prison of Your Mind

  3. Pearl,

    An outstanding collection of posts. Can’t wait to dig into them further.

    To answer your question.. wow.. if I even can…some days are easier than others. I’ve been learning a lot lately about where my mind goes when faced with stressful situations, as well as how much I actually contribute to making things more stressful than they need to be.

    I mostly rely on awareness and mindfulness techniques to at least inquire deeply about what is really going on, what fears are really at the bottom of what I’m stressed about. Writing it out is good. Blogging about it is very good. :)

    Also trying more body-oriented techniques (see: to at least keep the brain moving.. it seems that hurt and stress tend to be felt as a ‘stuckness’. So far, this has been Really Good.

    Ginas last blog post..The Zen of Ineptitude

  4. When ever I start to get a lil down I just remember the alternative. I have yet to get more then I can handal.

    No Zits last blog post..Home Remedies

  5. Actually, the things that make me feel best have nothing to do with physical wellness or writing and reflecting about myself. I’ve been using my free time to learn 3D modeling and animation as well as some programming. It’s sometimes tedious to sit through tutorials and struggle with complicated programs, but to overcome that and make something great is an amazing feeling that really makes you feel great about yourself.

  6. Thanks, now I’ve got a whole lot of reading to do on healing ahead of me :)

  7. For me, I always indulge in needlework crafts to give some sense of relaxation. A lot of articles have been written about the positive effects of needlework activities particularly knitting. It worked for me. Why not include it in your list of healing therapies.

    Ayer @ needleworks last blog post..Boost Your Energy to Finish Your Needlework Projects

  8. healing therapy? everyone needs it… in one way or another, we need healing… why do you visit this site healing wonders of nature.

    caterings last blog post..Stock Healthy Foods

  9. I think you are spot on, its important to get out and do, as well as attend sessions. I think the best way to encourage positive feelings about yourself is to make compassion a part of your life. As you mentioned, spend time doing things for other people and it will make you feel better about yourself – a win-win situation!

    Tom@Herbal Fiber blends last blog post..Do you need a parasite cleanse?

  10. I totally agree -you take take pills and potions and follow strict low carb diets to lose weight but unless you can find peace and contentment on the inside you will never be happy no matter what you look like/how healthy you are.

    Clare from Low Carbss last blog post..Low carb diets

  11. Wow. this is a really good post. yeah, the best way to increase the immune system is by eating foods in their natural raw state. Anything that doesn’t have to be cooked like (fish, vegetable, grains, seeds, fruits,etc) is perfect for increasing your metabolism, cleaning out your body and liver and losing weight all at the same time. Cold bran and wheat cereals are good too! :)

  12. These are great healing tips, thanks a bunch for sharing.

  13. I find a great way to get rid of stress is to perform some kind of sport. If you have the luxury of living near the ocean sea sports are probably the best (and healthiest) stress relievers. A good way to live your life is to mix activites that involve nature that are also fitness builders. If you don´t live near the sea you can always do things like mountain biking. It´s amazing how many people just go to the gim and forget that there is an outdoors full of activities.

    Mark@Doors and Windowss last blog post..Gorgeous Patio Doors – Add Value in Style

  14. I can definitely see how dieting articles can just be more depressing and less spiritual in nature. Especially when most of them just promote some sort of scam or new fad dieting program.

    dentals last blog post..How to Get Cheap Dental Bridge Work Done

  15. Hey all healing is made easy by these blog……
    great article

  16. I agree and think people are too focussed on making themselves look good and not enough focus is placed on the inside and our happiness. Its okay being slim but it won’t give you long lasting happine

  17. I think some people need to concentrate on the outside to be happy, even though many overweight people consider themsevles content there are often underlying emotional issues – so I think its both, look after the outside and inside – make them both beautiful!

    Delia from 5 htp depressions last blog post..5-htp depression testimonial

  18. The quote I liked the most was about perfectionism – something I suffer with as does i very close friend of mine – I’ll be sending this to her and maybe we can both work on it! thanks!

    “If you are a perfectionist, you would know that perfectionism sometimes disables you more than it enables you. As a perfectionist myself, I experience that often. Here are 8 useful steps to overcome perfectionism and make it an enabler in your life.”

  19. Wow. this is a really good post. yeah, the best way to increase the immune system is by eating foods in their natural raw state

  20. Indeed, Peaceful music such as ambient music can help you a lot more on focusing things. and also, they can help in for meditation.

  21. Great healing therapy, i appreciate it and will definitely implement it. I think its the best way to increase the immune system is by eating foods in their natural raw state

  22. Some of these articles are very interesting. Thank you for posting the “overcoming perfection” article. It has helped me so much over the last couple of weeks and I just couldn’t live the rest of my life the way I was. Bless you and thanks a million again.

  23. “I’ve found that helping others in need in turn helps me feel better. “

    It’s true, helping others makes you more aware of other people’s suffering and less of your own.

  24. This illustration is beautiful and would look good in any residential.

    Author’s Note – Olivia see my explanation here:

    And, I’d like to talk to real people here, not to someone who cannot decide if they are Paul or Olivia btw