Happiness is contagious – 2!

Look,  we know those guys in Jill and Kevin Heinz’s wedding dance video were a bit over the top but you have to see how these guys handled the last day of their journey as they proceed to divorce each other, just after 6 months!!

It’s a different cast but the divorce day must have been a blast for everyone as their friends and family can be seen swinging to Chris Brown’s “Forever“..

By the way, they are still happily married :)

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10 Responses to “ Happiness is contagious – 2! ”

  1. What a great video – i think it might be better suited to weddings than divorces though!

  2. I went to a performance in Canada that was very similar and the audience were all ‘guests’ at the wedding – just like this is was brilliant!

  3. Ha! I only saw the original for the first time yesterday… great stuff – nice remake too!

  4. actually on the subject of contagious… check out this video also – interesting stuff!


  5. I linked to that video on the previous post on happiness :) thanks for stopping by Ross..

  6. Great video. Interesting indeed.

  7. the video is great! =)

    If the unhappy person wants to be happy it is possible. Kind words can make a difference. Happiness truly is contagious….

  8. I always gave and will give the first most preference to the morality. I think in a lot of situations, being moral makes us happy. If it doesn’t make us happy, it sure wouldn’t make us regret in future.

  9. This is good fun. Really enjoyed the video. Thanks. Happiness is but a moment shared with others. Smile. :)

  10. “Happiness is contagious – 2!”

    Indeed, happiness is contagious and so is hatred. Thanks for sharing this video. I did have a good laugh over it.

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