Happiness is Contagious

Happiness really IS contagious! And to make a difference, all we need to do is share it, ‘spread it around’….

Seeing this video not only made me laugh, the affect lasted for a long time.  It also reminded me of a post I had recently read at Seth Godin about leaders who start a movement that people feel compelled to join!

He’s referring to the Guy #3 in the following video:

I have a feeling we’ll see this trend in more and more weddings :)

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11 Responses to “ Happiness is Contagious ”

  1. How fun – I hope it’s be a trend to stay :-)

  2. Nice video. They are so funny indeed.

  3. i couldn’t see the first video but the second is cool..it started with 1 dude looking like a loony bird then all of a sudden people just got up and joined him..this should happen more often..so contagious..I so agree happiness is extremely contagious :)

  4. “When your happy and you know it clap your hands!” The guy is so wasted LOL!

  5. “Happiness is contagious, ah break me and take my pride ah wait me but i am alive.” That’s the song goes. :D

  6. This is brilliant – why can’t all weddings be as interesting as this one – oh and I can’t help but laugh when people start laughing, its brilliant but also a bit embarassing!

  7. Both the videos above are really entertaining. Very funny all..

  8. Classic! I went to a really dull wedding last week, would have been much more interesting if it kicked off like this!

  9. Damn, the firewall here at work blocks those videos. So I guess hapiness is only contagious as long as corporate IT don’t step on you!

  10. Someone sent me this video on my Facebook, although I never got to open it. After reading your post, it sent me doubled over in my chair laughing. I hope people will get ‘infected’ by the happiness bug and start spreading the love around.

  11. I never seen a weeding like this. why can’t all weddings be as interesting as this one, When your happy and you know it clap your hands! The guy is so wasted

    Author’s Note: thanks for the comment Mayweather..

    sorry I edited your url as I don’t like it when people use keywords on my blog!