Plant A Tree : Blog Action Day ’09 Climate Change

Today is Blog Action Day and as the day approached, I panicked a bit for I haven’t been writing for some time.  But this year’s topic, Climate Change and it’s implications on our lives, is so huge, I did not want to pass up the opportunity to include my two cents even if there might only be a few readers left who check my blog out these days.

Our Earth is sinking

We all know that there is an enormous amount of information on the web about climate change and it is kind of difficult to figure out where to start and what to say in a short message for your post that hasn’t already been said.  But you know what?  Despite ALL of the information out there, many of us are still not taking the steps necessary to slow down the process of climate change, let alone stop it.   We may even have some ideas that climate change is detrimental but still a lot of us do not have a clear picture of what all this means.   So if you are like me and need to see the big picture, check out the  Climate time Machine by Nasa which shows Changes in the Global Conditions Over Time in a very easy to understand flash videos.

I also came across a few sites/forums where some people were upset and questioned why US has to be concerned about climatic changes in the rest of the world.  That’s such an ignorant position to take as the green house gases are not separated by borders like  most countries are.  Gases in our atmosphere don’t need regulations or permission to move from one country to another!    It’s the same air we all breath, in our homes, and in our offices.   Air pollution is a universal problem and each and every one of us has an obligation to do whatever we can do to correct it if we care for a better future for us as well as our future generations.

Look at this video that shows how US isn’t immune to the wrath caused by polluting environment:

And you can download the fact sheet that explains the connection between Climate Change and Flooding.

Now it’s really easy to start feeling that at our individual levels, it’s difficult to do anything about it.   In order to make a difference in the rate at which the earth’s atmosphere is polluting, we don’t have to drop our daily routines and do something out of the ordinary.  It’s the simplest of things that will eventually make a huge difference in clearing our atmosphere.    Simple things like using energy star products, energy efficient cars, recycling and planting some trees (remember we learned in grade school that plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?).   If you want to be part of the community while planting trees, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has launched a worldwide tree planting campaign and pledged to plant 7 billion trees by the end of 2009.   They allow people to make online pledges to plant trees.  They have already surpassed their original pledge of 7 billion trees.  Here are the instructions on how to plant a tree!

I think I am going to start planting some fruit trees as that can produce delicious results – for us as well as for the mother earth.

What action(s) are you going to take to reduce the climate change?

photo by nattu

PS: This post is part of Blog Action Day 2009. Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites bloggers all over the world in posting about the same issue on the same day. It’s aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.  It’s not too late to register your blog and be part of “the largest ever social change event on the web.”

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9 Responses to “ Plant A Tree : Blog Action Day ’09 Climate Change ”

  1. I am sure there are plenty of readers out there Pearl. Everytime you it monthly or weekly I see an update in my stream. When you don’t post as often, it almost insures that you will have more to say…or maybe I am just using that that to justify my own lack of blogging as well.

    At least you managed a Blog Action day post, more than I can say for myself.

    Do plants some trees Pearl, I ordered about a dozen trees and bushes from to include some fruit and nut trees.
    I fully believe that the act locally think globally philosophy needs to be practiced and embraced by all of us.

  2. Hi Adam.. So nice of you to say those words.. I’ve been struggling part laziness and part depression so along with full time job and a bit of social media interaction, haven’t been doing much online lately. And twitter doesn’t help either.. :)

    I’m really glad for the blog action day project as it forces me to take the time and read on these important issues, else I’d keep going through life like a zombie.. seriously. I think everyone should plant some fruit trees in their yard. I haven’t bought them but that site looks pretty neat and I might order some this weekend too.

    nice avatar btw :)

  3. Nice to see more and more people bringing up this topic, I myself started a few years ago to think about at leeast a few things every day that I could do for a better enviroment. Not big stuff, just small things.. but atleast it’s something!


  4. “some people were upset and questioned why US has to be concerned about climatic changes in the rest of the world” – seriously?! How can people be so ignorant and selfish.

  5. Hi Pearl! I’ve missed your posts! This is a great one. I love the idea of planting some fruit trees which will benefit you AND the planet. I have been planting some berry bushes lately and I think if anyone cuts a tree down for the holidays they should also plant on planting a tree in the good weather to make up for it. I’m starting to sound like a tree hugger now. But I guess I do like trees, just not the cleanup in Fall! LOL. Good to see you!

  6. Okay, I planted a tree. I’m surrounded by trees and the leaves are falling. Isn’t it really our responsibility to take care of our surroundings weather it be our back yard or the earth we live on.

  7. I suggest you plant a sour cherry tree. “Montmorency” Will require little to no work. When it’s dormant all you need to do is trim the top to keep it from getting too tall.
    A pear tree might work but stay away from the apple and peach trees unless you plan on spraying all the time.

  8. I just bought a little money tree (or Pachira aquatica) and im in love with it. Im just wondering if anyone knows how to properly care for the lil guy. Ive done some net searches about it..but all the info seems to contridict eachother…anyone know forsure?

  9. Hi teeni – so good to see you here again. I’ve been unmotivated to write anything and blog action day just made it easier to write on the topic that affects all of us. I hate having to clean up also, my yard has 10 huge mature trees but none of them is a fruit tree.. so I have a yard full of leaves – every single day :)

    I’ll be visiting your blog soon!

    @DocumentS – Of course it is.. and hope you planted a fruit tree..

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