How Social Media Can Make Life Easier

social networking makes life easier

[This is a guest post by Stacey Cavanagh of Tecmark SEO Liverpool]  You can follow Stacey on twitter @Staceycav

Social media is something of a buzz term in online right now. Facebook, Plurk, blogging, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Twitter… The list goes on. We’ve probably all heard of most of them, but really, is there any point?

Yes, is the shortest answer.

But just how can social media make life easier?

Keeping in Touch

A few years ago, you probably wouldn’t have kept in touch with all of your school friends. People flit off all over the world, marry, settle, work abroad… Things change and people move on. But thanks to sites like Facebook you can find out what all your friends are up to and send messages quickly and easily. Of course, it’s no substitute for a face to face catch up, but it makes keeping in touch with people from all over the world much easier (and cheaper than international phone calls)!

Business Networking

Linkedin is a social networking site specifically for professional networking. This and others like it have sped up the way in which we network drastically. Facebook allows people to network with others in a similar field from all over the world. Are these people you would have encountered without the Internet? Probably not.  It enables you to expand your network to international levels and make valuable contacts.

Keeping an Eye on the Kids!

Perhaps not the most conventional use of the platform, but social media sites are widely used by children and teenagers. Telling your teen they can use the sites, providing of course that they ad you to their profile, will enable you to be in the know about the company they’re keeping. It offers a certain level of reassurance.

Keeping up with the News

I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t seem to be able to make time to watch the news on the TV day in, day out. Of course I can always read the news on various news sites, but sites like Twitter now enable you to ‘follow’ your favourite news source and receive the headlines in short snippets! This gives you the opportunity, if something catches your eye, to then go read the full article. For me, a browse through the Twitter feed I have set up just for news is enough to make sure I know what’s going on and don’t feel so out of touch.

Interacting with Customers

A fine example of this is with @VirginTrains Virgin Trains on Twitter. They’re a huge company, but have someone to personally respond to complaints, questions or concerns they receive via Twitter.  Indeed a very inspired way to use the platform.  This gives Virgin a very good reputation for customer care and allows the customers the opportunity to have a personal response to a question, rather than dealing with automated telephone services!

This list just scratches the surface. As social media continues to grow (and grow it will with the recent unveiling of Google’s Buzz), the applications for its use will continue to grow too.  And of course everyone has their own personal way of using social media sites.

What do you do with social media?

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9 Responses to “ How Social Media Can Make Life Easier ”

  1. its use will continue to grow too. And of course everyone has their own personal way of using social media sites.

  2. Childhood is the best stage of life. This picture reminds me of when I was creation and lived happily in my residence.

    Hi Paul – You didn’t really have to use so many keywords for your site in my blog.. looks spammy despite your best intentions.. So, I had to edit your URL.. sorry..


  3. Great post, might i also make a little suggestion, remove the wibya toolbar. I must admit they were pritting cool about 5 months ago but nowadays they just slow down the page processing speed and don’t do much. Sorry for the harsh comment, your blog is actually very, very good, just like this post. Keep it up!

  4. thanks for the suggestion Peter.. I’ll definitely think about it :) thanks also for stopping by..

  5. Well if you didn’t learn how to be social offline you’ll learn it online. Something I would have never thought. I began online with the notion of sitting in front of my computer creating my own destiny. Nope, never gonna happen. You have to be even more social online or you won’t succeed. It’s the www and in order to survive you have to be social. Social marketing, used correctly, will weave you in ;-)

  6. @Liz so true.. takes time but it definitely is rewarding.. thanks for stopping by..

  7. Social media opens up so many doors. It’s great for just observing and then reflecting on. You can literally tap into anybodies life.
    Thanks I enjoyed the post.

  8. Is social media a good thing or not? It gets you out there in facebook, twitter and other areas. But, I have seen so many people get consumed by it that they are vertually a slave to the entire concept. Use things in moderation for marketing which will leverage your time instead of consuming it.

  9. I love social media. I keep in touch with friends and family but it’s also a great support system for certain areas of your life. Weight loss, depression, parenting, you name it. It is truly evolved.

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