WordPress Defender – 30 Ways to Secure your Blog is half off!

Yes, there is finally an ultimate resource called WordPress Defender – 30 Ways To Secure your WordPress Blog From Attack for us WordPress bloggers to refer to and learn from when it comes to WordPress blog security. It is written by a good friend, John Hoff of WPHost, (you can follow John on twitter @WpBlogHost).

And it is 50% off till Wednesday March 3rd.


The ebook is massive 150 pages and comes loaded with techniques that are easy to follow for anyone and to make it even more useful and easy to understand, John is also providing multiple videos showing how to implement these techniques. You must have heard of the .htaccess files but most non-tech people are afraid of using their power to block hackers. Not now because John has included different codes to use for preventing people from peeking into your sites and manipulate your precious data.

Just Imagining the horrible nightmare of someone hacking into your blog can be crippling to say the least. I have heard many horrible stories in the past two years where someone’s account got hacked by some jerk regardless of the size and/or popularity of the blog being hacked, the hackers don’t really care and don’t have a conscience so they don’t think twice about hurting someone’s feelings or the fact that the blog they are hacking might just be the only means of income for someone.

John learned the hard way when his wife’s jewelry site got hacked into and this is what they saw when they entered their site’s url in the address bar above:

According to John: “I spent a whole week researching and investigating for a solution. It was hard work, and I followed a lot of dead ends. I finally found the problem, but here’s what it had cost my wife and I:

Time: That week I spent tracking down the problem is time I’ll never get back.

Trust: The security breach shook our customers’ trust, and some of them never returned – those are permanent lost sales.

PageRank: The site fell from a strong page rank of 5 to an absolute useless 1.

Heartache: We felt horrible that our customers might have damaged computers because of our site.

Money: My wife’s business went from earning $1,000 a month to zero – overnight. That was money we’d been using to make car payments, among other things, and now we had to juggle finances to figure out where it was going to come from.

More money: We lost sales and customers, and we had to pay more money to rebuild the site.

Sure sounds painful to me.    And to help the innocent bloggers from being taken for a similar ride, John did massive research for over two years and put everything in his ebook.   After March 3rd, this Wednesday, the ebook and the videos will be selling at regular price of $39 which I think is still nothing compared to the price we would end up paying in an unfortunate scenario…

So, hurry and buy the essential WordPress Defender – 30 Ways to Secure Your Blog From Attacks Anyone Can Doonly $19.99 till March 3rd!

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20 Responses to “ WordPress Defender – 30 Ways to Secure your Blog is half off! ”

  1. Thanks for the mention, Pearl. I’ve been trying to spread the word about WordPress cracking for a while now but unfortunately it seems most people wait until it’s too late.

    It’s only after they’ve lost something (time, money, data, etc.) before they act.

  2. Hey John, your ebook should actually be recommended by WordPress guys on their site along with WordPress download links.. thank you for writing it..

  3. You’re welcome. And I know, I would love to get them to put it on there, but I’m not sure they would since I’m charging for it.

    I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try.

  4. All too often I see people in the WordPress support forums looking for help because their site got hacked. And now that they have been hacked, it’s only then that they actually look at how to secure it.

    It’s a shame that there are such awful jerks out there who would do these sorts of things and take joy in breaking people’s blogs.

    Author’s Note: Hi Neil – thanks for commenting.

    Agree, most of us run to the wordPress forums only after something goes wrong with the site. That’s why wordpress defendor is such a necessary tool for everyone. Thanks to John who devoted so much time and effort to help us all.

    Sorry I had to edit your URL for I don’t like people trying to rank for keywords that have nothing to do with this blog! Use your real name and it looks much better :)


  5. Hi, i just finished building my website on WP and this one is very important to me. I must say reading 150 pages and trying to use htaccess isn’t very attractive for me.. On the other hand, I’m sure there’s a lot I can learn just by reading your ebook, Thanks for mentioning it.

  6. @kesseff – It is 150 pages because John has gone over the littlest possible details for anyone new to the wordpress and I haven’t found any fluff or repetitive material you can find in so many of the ebooks these days. It’s all solid material and if you buy it (of course from my link on this post) I can assure you won’t regret it.

  7. @kesseff – Also, if you ever have any questions about anything you find in the ebook, I’ll be there to help.

  8. this is a very hepfull tool for those bloggers who feel unsafe on putting their blogs on their sites, just for the very reason that there are those good for nothing hackers who try to ruin your precious piece of work and yet your job as well… i sure would want to have one this program..

    Hi Jhune – yes, like I said, every blogger will benefit from this ebook. Thanks for the comment


  9. This post is really vital for new bloggers and I definitely agree with it.
    Very beneficial!

  10. Hey Pearl – My wordpress blog was hacked a few years ago and even though there wasn’t really any damage, it was definitely an eye-opener! The best way to prevent this is to stay up to date on your wordpress upgrades, but John’s ebook sounds like a good way to make your site even more secure.

  11. Hello Ray. It’s a horrible feeling knowing someone broke into your blog, isn’t it?

    Upgrades are definitely a key part to keeping WordPress secure, but there are a lot of other ways people can get in even if your site is fully up-to-date.

    For example, they might break into your FTP account, or view one of your emails. Or perhaps your home computer isn’t set up right. They might even get in because they broke into some social media site where they learned about your blog.

    These guys (and gals) are very sneaky and know what to look for.

  12. Hi Ray – good to see you back… how have you been? I remember you mentioning that a few years back.. must have been a sick feeling.. hope none of us ever has to experience that

    @John – thanks for stopping by again.. you can see I’m struggling to keep this site alive :)

  13. @Pearl – We’re all in this blogging journey together. Glad to be here.

  14. Hi Pearl
    If anyone is in two minds about getting John’s book… stop teetering and get it now!
    great ebook backed up with super easy to follow videos, all presented in John’s own easy on the ear style.

    I’m no techie… even that is an exageration… but I can understand this book.

    Marks out of ten?
    Got to be ten.

  15. right.. it’s a book filled with technical solutions that are explained so simply.. John has done a great job with it. thanks for stopping by Keith..

  16. Manually working on my WP database is not so great. This is what I’ve been doing before I read this post. Thank you for sharing with us, Pearl. This is truly my life savior.

  17. I really did not know that someone could hack your site. I thought everything was fairly safe without access to your information. Thanks for the heads up!

  18. I see people in the WordPress support forums looking for help because their site got hacked. And now that they have been hacked, it’s only then that they actually look at how to secure it.

  19. @Erline – I hear you about the database. I can work directly with it, but uggg… it does suck and it’s nice to know there’s an easier way.

    @pat – Definitely not safe. Think of WordPress when it’s just out of the box like a production line of all the same kinds of cars. Once someone figures out how to pop the lock and jumpstart just one of them, they can do it to all of them.

    But if you changed how your car’s locking system worked, they wouldn’t be able to pop the lock based on how they do it with the other cars.

    @david cotto – That seems to be how it usually goes down. People hear my message but hesitate until it’s too late. It’s a shame because $39 is not a lot of money compared to all the hours people pour into their blogs.

  20. Thank you so much for stopping by to reply John!! I hope more and more bloggers realize how important this product is.. worth every penny!