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WordPress Defender - 30 Ways to Secure your Blog is half off!

WordPress Defender – 30 Ways to Secure your Blog is half off!

Tweet Yes, there is finally an ultimate resource called WordPress Defender – 30 Ways To Secure your WordPress Blog From Attack for us WordPress bloggers to refer to and learn from when it comes to WordPress blog security. It is written by a good friend, John Hoff of WPHost, (you can follow John on twitter […]

WordPress 2.7, Coltrane

Tweet “This winter, Heartwarming Usability Breathtaking Beauty and Thrilling Flexibility” Need I say more?   We’ve come a long long way from 2.2 when I started blogging. My heartfelt thanks to hundreds of talented people who make up the WordPress team.  We are indebted to you guys for making it a breeze for us to express […]

Spamming yourself is not allowed?

Spamming yourself is not allowed?

Tweet You can see the most wonderful spam catcher Akismet has caught more than 31 thousand spam comments on this blog and needless to say blogging would have been a nightmare if all the bad comments had not been caught at the entrance but when my own comment got caught as spam, I got a […]

What do you think of the new theme?

Tweet Well, as you can see, Fresh Perspectives gets a new theme couple of days ago.  The previous theme BloggingPro worked fine for some time but I used it for too long, more than a year and I needed a change.  This theme, Options by Justin Tadlock as you can see, displays a lot more […]

Getting Stuck in the Moderation Queue

Getting Stuck in the Moderation Queue

Tweet photo by mysza831 So I finally upgraded to WordPress 2.3.2 this weekend but now all of my comments are going to the moderation queue. I have checked the Discussion Options and do not have the option “an administrator must always approve the comment” box checked! What could be going on?

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