5 years from now?

Do you ever think about any of the following questions? Say about 5 years from now,

  1. would you still be blogging?
  2. what would your blog have achieved?
  3. would you be putting in more numbers of hours into your blog?
  4. would you be reading same blogs you are reading today?
  5. would you be still be using WordPress or switch to another platform? (if you answered yes to #1)

I am sure most of us would like to make a living from blogging but that just is not realistic, and there are a number of articles written by some well known bloggers on this subject which I agree with.

What are your personal goals as they relate to your blog?

As I went through Darren’s latest article on 10 blogs he reads, I thought I read 7 of the blogs he reads! and my 8th blog is his own blog of course! And I am sure blogs that are popular today will remain on top and may be become even more popular in the coming years just because of the valuable content they provide but what happens to the rest of millions of blogs like ours? The ones that are struggling to come up with good content on a daily basis?

There, a lot of questions are going through my mind! I would really like to know your thoughts along these lines.

If you decide to share your thoughts on your blog, let me know in the comments and refer to this post so I and the rest of the readers can follow your thoughts!

Announcement: I have also been thinking a lot about ways of finding out who reads my blog! So, I have added a new page ‘Who Are You’. It would be nice if you introduced yourself.

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11 Responses to “ 5 years from now? ”

  1. @Chee….. you will be well known of course :-) but doesn’t it depend on how many of the ‘oldies’ are still around who will know you? :P my best wishes are with you :)

    @Mig.. :) I thought of the time frame AFTER hitting publish!! then decided not to change it…. yeah you are right, who knows what’ll happen in 5 years? but I do hope I keep the friends and connections I have made during the short blogging months!! and I hope my ideas expand and have much better shape! I also think blogging will evolve into something much simpler!!

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