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I found a website Free Webmaster Tools
where you can check possible google page rank for your site… I am not sure how accurate these tools are but for the time being its brought quite a joy to me…

click on the picture to see iwebtool predicts my site might get a PR of 5 ?? thats a shocking but pleasant surprise because I don’t think I even know how the page rank works yet! And if what they say comes true, that would really be something to celebrate!

Here you can also check to see what they predict your Google Page Rank ‘might be’ …. Just type in your site url and hit Check button.

 This tool will provide an estimation of the future PageRank and should not be considered precise.
Your domain(s): Enter each address on a new line (Maximum
Please remember to include the ‘www.’ prefix into your domains

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26 Responses to “ Google Page Rank Predictor – Free Webmaster Tools ”

  1. I don’t like this tool for one reason. It doesn’t work most of the time. I check every once in a while at their site (and I just did here) and it says I don’t have sufficient backlinks (I have nearly a thousand, last I checked).

    When it works, it’s pretty good.

  2. I realized it too but at the time it felt pretty good to find out I was predicted to get a PR of 5 :) but as Mayank pointed out it gives different PR based on how you enter the url…. the link mayank told me seems to be much more reliable as i read on many sites –

  3. hey RT.. guess thats the verdict :) the tools isn’t accurate! but it did get me excited when it showed my blog was PR5, not that I believed it right away! just wanted to get everyone’s feedback!

  4. Well this is something that can be useful, I tried my website and it showed a “decent” number.

    Thanks for the tool! Going to bookmark it!

    Webmasters last blog post..Why Good Contents are Important for Your Blog?

  5. Now two years passed since you found that site, i used it once or twice, but stiil it has not improved. I use other tools for my SEO work.

  6. @Dimi – I guess they built the site and left it.. i haven’t visited it in over a year.. would be nice if you could recommend some of the other tools? thanks!

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