Our thoughts and fears

We have all heard this before,  read it many times over that our thoughts create our reality,  but do we really really take a moment and think what it means? I am generally an optimist but there are times when I have had to kick myself to not fall in the trap of negativity. The negative attitudes and thoughts can go away if we can learn not to foster them so much. But often times it becomes really difficult to shun them away!

My thoughts that come closest to any sort of negativity are my fears. And the biggest fear I have is the fear of losing my loved ones, especially my aging parents, who are not without serious health problems. Once I start thinking about these things, I realize its a downward spiral from there on. I also sad dog strongly believe that our thoughts have the power to manifest themselves eventually, and that once the thought has originated in our mind and if we continue to give that thought our attention, the universe has a way of putting those thoughts into action for us. But it is really hard to get rid of such fears, since death is inevitable and we all have to go through this phenomenon with our loved ones at some point in time!

I didn’t mean for this post to be putting everyone in a sad mood, but for some reason, these feelings and thoughts have been more prominent in my mind lately than other times. And I realize its a subject that none of us wants to discuss with anyone face to face because of the intensity of emotions it can bring on. But then aren’t we all shallow to not be able to discuss the emotions that we all share? Is it a crazy thought to have? Do you have any such fears? What do you do to get rid of these fears?

PS: I’ve had to take a few days off because of an emergency. I will return soon and hopefully will bring on some happy thoughts to you all. In the mean time, please browse through the Archives to read more on this blog. If this is your first time here, please take a moment and introduce yourself. If you like what you read, please consider subscribing to my RSS feed.

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13 Responses to “ Our thoughts and fears ”

  1. sorry Paquito… your comment got stuck in Akismet! I am out of that mode mostly! :) thanks for the tip…

    Kim and Kaylee… It was quite a week…. and we are still sort of shaken up! thanks for thinking of me guys! I’ll be over to your blogs soon ;) tc

  2. thanks Ken … I am a lot better now … but totally drained of all energy!

  3. Hi, pearl. I’m so sorry to hear your accident. I hope everything is fine now. :(

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