I signed up for PayPerPost

When I was on blogger I had signed up with a lot of the affiliates in the first month but after moving on WordPress, did not take the time to utilize many of the services. One of them was PayPerPost . I hadn’t even logged in my account for a long time and already forgotten the log in info, but when I did just a few days ago, I was amazed at how different the site looked. The dashboard looks much cleaner and user friendly.

The place seems to be flooded with opportunities and I remember the last time I was on their site, which was a few months ago, the payouts for an article was around $2.50 but now it seems to have gone up to at least $5.00 and I was instantly thinking I need to try this service. I am not too ambitious about making any money from this site, but if I can make a few dollars to pay for the hosting, would be really nice! How difficult can it be to write a genuine review of a service or a product once every few weeks? Especially if it is something that you really feel your readers might like to try?

I think its a very simple yet great concept to monetize your site. The blogger writes the post according to the advertisers guidelines and provides a link to the advertisers website within that post. Once the post has been live for 30 days, the blogger gets paid. The payperpost simply acts as an intermediary between the blogger and the advertisers.

On searching for reviews of the company I came across some great comments on one of Maki’s posts where he asked people to give him their personal opinions on payperpost and I was amazed to read how many people had positive experience with this company.

If you have used pay per post, I would love to hear your experience.

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14 Responses to “ I signed up for PayPerPost ”

  1. You surely can it eliminates the middleman so you receive all the money. I have done that three times. I did the same with the company that advertises on my website. I did not go through a service like text link ad. I wrote a simple contract sent it to the advertiser they were interested, and now they are on my site for six months. They paid up front. I made almost $200 for that simple placement.
    It’s takes extra work contacting them on your own but the results are definitely worth it.

    Affiliate marketing is another option. I use them on my websites last month was the most I’ve made thus far. I made a little over 1k in one week. It’s passed my Adsense earnings by a lot. This month I think I’ll do even better with affiliate marketing.

    In response to the top 50 posts..
    A lot on the list are SEO related or how to make your blog better often I think what they suggest is common sense, at least to me, and it’s something I’ve been doing with my own business since I started it.

    Also I’ll choose the blogger that isn’t getting as much attention who is writing about the exact same thing as the bloggers on the list. Occasionally I’ll read Matt Cutts or Dosh Dosh but on a regular basis I don’t read the influential blogs. :-)

    I rarely write about that stuff on my blog because that would bore me to tears writing about how to make money online, lol. :-)

  2. Opal Tribble.. I am completely in shock at the amounts you are sharing here :) we need to talk ‘cuz I know nothing about this business and need to learn from a pro like you… lol

    see on that top 50 blogs, THAT is the reason why I read them :) they tell you how to blog better and all the tech stuff and I can then blog about whatever I want to :) and I completely forgot about Matt Cutts …… thanks for coming back Opal… tc and stay in touch

  3. Are you still doing PPP? I made about 15 posts on my blog with them but many of my readers complained. Then it seemed like the opportunities got scarcer and many were for websites in the UK.

  4. I did just two for which I didnt get paid ‘coz I had a funny video in one and the other they said they cannot find a record of me reserving it first! and most of the opportunities do not fall in the realm of fresh perspectives on blogging :) so I didn’t want to post anything my readers wouldn’t expect here..

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